Who We Are

We are On-Line Dynamics Business Concept Limited.  Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with the registration number RC 750201. Our migration, travel and tour products are broadly categorized into three, each starting with the acronym VPI

i.e. VPICANADA – Permanent Residence Visa Process to Canada

VPIEDUCATIONAL – Facilitation and Processing of Admissions and Study Permits for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Applicants in Countries across Africa, Europe, Americas and Asia

VPIGLOBAL CONNECT – Processing of Temporary Residence Permits, Transit Visas, Tourist Visas, Business and Work Permits in Various Countries across The Globe

What We Do

We provide you with prompt service approach to obtain VISA and relevant travel document from Nigeria to any country of your choice. Are you travelling for pleasure? Visiting families and relatives? Going abroad to study or simply relocating to be a permanent residence of another country? We at On-line Dynamics Limited have the product service designed to fit your specific needs and peculiar information.


Get Your VISA Now


Live and work in Canada with your family


Study abroad and become a world class citizen


Obtain visas to see the world, do business, enjoy vacations, visit globally

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I traveled to UK to study via VPI Educational with ease. The process was very fast and friendly.

Lisa Hayden

I traveled abroad always to visit friends and my family members via Global Connect with ease.

John Adeyemi

I traveled to Canada and become a permanent residence via VPI Canada with ease.


I always appreciate the easy way of booking a ticket as provided by you. Thanks to you. I’m grateful.